Make an impact with your message
A lecture on making words come to life

Find out what it takes for your words to become more than just words in your listener’s ear. You can be as academic as you like but if you are not able to get others interested in your knowledge, then it is a waste of time. Use the same tools that the great speech- makers throughout history use and get extra tools from the actor’s toolbox to help you. Undertand what it means to ”feel your audience” and ”feel the room” and be aware of what you can use instead of just reading aloud from 300 PowerPoint slides.

In the lecture, actor and teacher Philip Antonakakis talks about:

  • Credibility – how you communicate your essence
  • Personal power – how you personally make an impact
  • Nervousness – how you control it so that it doesn´t control you
  • Presence – from being interesting to being interested
  • Body language – what happens when the body does the talking
  • Improvisation  – learn to react to what happens – acting is reacting
  • Voice control – exploit your voice’s possibilities
  • Storytelling – how to get a message across with a story
  • Selling a message – argumentation technique and handling objections
  • Rhetoric’s logic, ethos and pathos – appeal to logic, ethics and feelings
  • Dramaturgy – how you build up your material like a suspense novel
  • PowerPoints – use them so that they are an extension of you and not the other way round


”Philip’s ablility to get his message across is impressive, not least due to his great acting skills which resulted in an informative and extremely entertaining lecture! We can particularly warmly recommend Philip Antonakakis.”
Susanne Hammer Jacobsen, Secretary to the Management. Lærerstandens Brandforsikring G/S.


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