Forum theatre for work culture – Post Danmark

Sometimes, in forum theatre, the simplest of stories resonate loudly with participants. Theatre TurnAround had such an experience while working on a project with Post Danmark. The HR Department had asked us to come up with a proposal to highlight two different working cultures.

Post Danmark staff quickly caught on to the fact that the two parties in the performance represented two very different cultures that desperately needed to learn to understand each others’ perspectives in order to be able to talk to each other, get closer to a solution and ultimately to a more productive working atmosphere.

Selection of evaluation comments:
”It was humorous, fun, informative, creative, different, liberating and, in the end, there were many active audience members just as there were elements of the collaborative working culture that became very evident”.
What was the best part of the process?:
”The whole thing…..the theatre’s intuition about the audience members. The flexibility and ability to engage with the participants. The facilitation was especially impressive!”
Trine Colding, Head of Personnel, Post Danmark

Sales training for Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta planned a series of courses spread over half a year for their 120 service technicians. They were divided into 8 groups of 12-20 participants.
The objective was to emphasise the service technicians’ understanding of charging customers for services over and above what had originally been agreed with them.
Actor Philip Antonakakis took part in the course. He played archetype customers and created challenging situations in which the service technicians had to try out different suggested solutions in tricky customer situations.
The switch between theory and practice was very constructive and words such as ”customer care”, ”business oriented service”, ”body language”, ”archetypes” and ”communication” were brought alive with actions.

”The result was already reflected in our bottom line- which clearly showed growth- even before all the courses were finished.”
John Smed, Head of Training and Quality, Konica Minolta


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