Role play with actors

Role play

Practise your skills on a professional actor

You would never send a fighter pilot out in an F-16 before he has been thoroughly trained in a flight simulator, would you?

We make the whole training process lively and effective by training staff and managers in simulated situations. By sitting across from a professional actor you come very close to real-life situations and are thereby able to broaden your competences. You get the opportunity to test the theories in practice and, in that way, achieve better results.

We use actors, all of whom are trained in challenging, and working in, business life. Case training can also be handled over the telephone with, for example, staff in a customer service centre.

Role play with actors is especially useful for training in the handling of tricky conversations, customer service, leadership, sales, conflict resolution, negotiation techniques and recruitment.







  • Greater impact
  • Theory is put into practice
  • You get to practise your skills
  • A common impression of what works
  • Greater understanding of each others’ strengths and weaknesses
  • You learn to handle objections and arguments in support of your own views


Philip Antonakakis’ role as instructor was highly appreciated. When presented with a typical business situation involving interaction with a customer or colleague, Philip applied his broad repertoire to the ”live” role play.”

Ellen Andersen, Vice President, Vestas

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