Forum theatre

Forum theatre

-interactive theatre that involves and engages

Forum theatre is for those who want to get an important message across or highlight a problem in an involving and engaging way.

Forum theatre


By using a bespoke dramatic play we can reflect your reality and involve you in the solution. A message has a far greater effect and can be more easily remembered when it is conveyed through experiences. Participants take greater ownership of the process when they are involved in a problem played out in the forum theatre. This form of training provides a frame of reference for all participants and can often lead to revelations!

”Forum theatre really plays an important role in a course because it informally creates an in-road to a subject which may be difficult to approach in other ways. But it is important to stress that this recognition is not without conditions: the impact of this method is hugely dependent on the actor’s professionalism which, in Theatre TurnAround’s case is indisputable.”
Mikael Bonde Nielsen, Communications Director, Coca-Cola Nordic Services.

Forum theatre is ideal for staff days or larger arrangements and can be used for change management, customer service, values, leadership and sales etc.

Benefits from forum theatre:

  • Identification – you see yourselves from the outside and this creates a stronger, common understanding
  • Community – the session is an experience that promotes ownership and motivation
  • Conflict resolution – the play follows a neutral path where focus is on the case rather than the people
  • Release of resources – you break down your normal habits and bring your human talents into play
  • Knowledge sharing –  involvement in possibilities strengthen knowledge sharing in the workplace
  • Engagement –  you are encouraged and motivated to improve your communication and collaboration
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